Eli - Father God figure, lover of souls, compassionate creator, Joshua's dad, brother of Shaddai


Joshua - Christ figure, sacrificial lover of the Town of Misbegotten, Eli's son.

Shaddai - Holy Spirit figure, sister to Eli, painter of colors and lights, Joshua's aunt.

Papa D - a/k/a Damien, P.D. Stone, Leron Blackwood, deceiver, controller, runs Club D's, has multiple personalities, such as producer and interior decorator.

Devin - A rapper, brother to Chain, Candy's boyfriend, player.

Chain - Second in command to Papa D, manager of Club D's, Devin's brother, Traci's boyfriend, a dealer.

Candy - Devin's girl, coke-head, best friend to Traci, tough street wise dancer at Club D's.

Traci - Pastor's daughter of the First Church of Misbegotten, dancer at Club D's, Candy's best friend, Chain's girl, black sheep of her family.

Echo - Devin and Chain's cousin, drug addict, lets everyone boss him around, child-like and funny.

Adrian - Psychic, bisexual, Echo's only friend and mentor.

Desire - Prominent woman and elder at the First Church of Misbegotten, lives for money and power, religious spirit, prideful, and judgmental.

Sam - Rachel's cousin, naive young man who tries to be a player.

Rachel - Romantic young girl, Sam's cousin, looking for life and identity in a man.

The Characters